Co. Down goalkeeper Charlie Smyth Signs with New Orleans Saints!

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Welcome to Leader Kicking, where we seek ambitious athletes with kicking talent from diverse sporting backgrounds. Our mission is to introduce you to the dynamic world of American Football as a kicker or punter, while also unveiling the exciting athletic and academic opportunities that await you through scholarships at prestigious American universities.

By joining us, you'll not only embark on an exhilarating sports journey but also discover ways to significantly reduce the cost of your education.

Did you know? Third-level education in Ireland has become expensive. According to the most recent numbers from and other major publications, the average lifetime cost (4 years) to attend college in Ireland is €63,165.69 in rented accommodation or €30,544 living at home. If awarded a full scholarship to play in America, your tuition, housing, and food are FREE, plus you get access to world-class sporting platforms identical to those of professional athletes. This full scholarship is commonly valued at $250,000 over four years. Our goal, for those with the required ability, is to find you the best scholarship opportinity possible.

BENEFITS of starting your journey

Leader Kicking is a program that will allow you to thrive as an athlete, student, and human with limitless potential in America. We will provide you with expert guidance as you embark on this life-changing journey, where you will gain access to elite sports and education programs that will provide you with experiences of a lifetime. As an athlete, you’ll get to experience world-class sporting platforms, and as a student, you’ll be set up for life after sports as you’ll graduate with a highly desirable undergrad or master's degree. For the top performers as kickers and punters, a career as a professional is an attainable goal, and we have the contacts to increase the odds of success.

Did you know? By graduating from an American University, you are also granted a US working visa (OPT Visa) to enter the American workforce for one year after completing your studies. During your time in college playing football and given the vast Irish American connections, there are great opportunities to build a network to assist you in the next stage of life

"Tadhg possess a great combination of athleticism, mental toughness, and desire. He is embracing the challenge and risk of immersing himself in the world of American Football. His newfound football knowledge, coupled with his already elite rugby background, gives him the tools to properly coach kickers."
- John Carney
Super-Bowl winner and 24 year NFL kicker. Now one of the world's most sought-after kicking coaches.